Anna Bogdanova Russian Citizens Become Dance Artists with All Souls and Bodies on the Island of the Gods Anna Bogdanova

De Daily News | Bali | Humans are social beings who love beauty and harmony. That beauty can be in the form of art and culture. One art that can describe beauty is dance, the expression of the human soul expressed through rhythmic movements that are beautiful or in aesthetically pleasing foreign languages, a desire that originates in a person's heart which is abundant in showing emotions and feelings.

There are many expert opinions regarding the notion of dance, the oldest safeguard is from Aristotle who said that dance is a rhythmic movement that can present human character when they act. Not much different, S. Humardani said that dance is an expressive expression in the form of rhythmic and beautiful movements.

According to I Gede Ardika, dance is something that can unite many things so that everyone can adjust or harmonize their movements according to their own ways. The notion of famous dance is from BPH Soerjodiningrat which says as much as ebahing sak randuning badhan, katata pikantuk wiramaning gendhing, jumbuhing pasemon kalihan pikajenging joget, which means dance is the movement of all limbs in harmony with the sound of music, governed by the appropriate rhythm and purpose in dancing.

The 3rd Art Culture Culinary Community Gathering which will be held on July 19, 2019 at Restaurant Shrida Taste of Ubud will try to discuss the beauty of dance through the expression and experience of Anna Bogdanova. A Russian girl who lives in Ubud and lives life as a dance artist with all her body and soul. Anna follows feelings and emotions with her body movements. Working with acoustic musicians gave him the opportunity to unite his dance with their music and bring a visual reflection of emotion emanating from the sound. which is higher than my THEATRIS, "said Anna

Anna is quite famous in Ubud as a traditional Balinese dancer, not only that Anna also participated as a certified dance teacher and taught dance to children in Ball especially in Ubud. Anna '; he is also quite fluent in the Balinese language, he will easily introduce himself as Kadek Anna Cantikasarawati to anyone who is here. At the Art Culture Culinary Community Gathering this time, Anna will try to share her feelings and experiences as well as direct performances of the dance movements she mastered. Starting with Balinese Dance and Contemporary Dance. Anna will also invite her musician friends to join
and accompanying his gestures. Please enjoy Anna's Talkshow and Dance Show.

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want to travel around the world and INFLUENCE THE COMMUNITY and THE EFFECT ON


: Traditional Balinese Dance Dancers, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance Dancers, Contemporary Creative Dance Dancers.


Certified Balinese Dancers in different styles,

Balinese dance teachers for children around Bali,

Master of Nominal Sports in Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics, Self-Learning from | ife from artist,

Exchange experiences with artists around the world, such as: Funk Buddha Akim (US, New York), Satoko Takaki (Japan), Tebo

Aumbara (Indonesia), Anello Capuano (Italy), Oboe Tomoka (Japan), Adien Fazmail (Spansh guitarist from Indonesia), Andreas Arianto (Indonesia)


Bali Breeze 2019 Ubud, Bali Project.
Contemporary Fusion Solo in an Acoustic collaboration.
SIMFesSawahlunto International Music Festival 2018 Sawahlunto, Sumatra.
Balinese Fusion & Contemporary Fusion Solo works with Tandava Band.
I Calong Narang (village temple) Bali Holy Ceremony to awaken empty magic 2018.
Gianyar, Traditional Balinese Balinese Dance in groups

role: Painting Exhibition of Durya Nadya Korotaeva students 2018 Ubud, Bali Contemporary Fusion Solo in collaboration with Agustian Supriatna (African kora player)

and Arif Hendrasto (Indonesian Hangdrum player)

TVRI Indonesian National Television Documentary Program: Cross Culture 2017

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