Flower in The Jungle on Grand Opening House of Samba

On Saturday 20 July 2019, the fashion store House of Samba (HOS) held the second grand opening store event at Sidewalk Jimbaran, located at Jalan Raya Uluwatu, 2nd floor unit 1F-17B Jimbaran along with a fashion show with Flower in The Jungle Theme. The first store of House of Samba (HOS) is on Bali Collection Nusa Dua, Unit A#12-3 which was officially opened on December 26, 2015 until now.

At the second House of Samba (HOS) store Grand Opening, a fashion show was held which was also enlivened by the performance of a percussion and Biola game by Talented Young Violist Putu Nirbita Calya Danastri The House of Samba (HOS) Grand Opening on today is a series of events from the Melaspas event, followed by a soft opening event on Tuesday before July 16, 2019 at 8.30 WITA.

House of Samba (HOS) is the name of the fashion brand by a local Balinese woman. The concept of House of Samba (HOS) is daily resort wear where it is ideal with style fashion in Bali as a relaxed, friendly, simple and energetic tourism destinantion but still highlighting the elegance in every appearance that is the message every design of House of Samba (HOS).

Nearly 4 years of opening a store at Bali Collection Nusa Dua, 80% of House of Samba (HOS) customers are foreign tourists who are on holiday in Bali, some of them are local tourists from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and expatriates who live in Bali and loyal customers from several countries. 

The products and designa House of Samba (HOS) in design and production in Bali with a choice of materials that are very comfortable with quality are of course the main focus that makes House of Samba (HOS) have its own market and interest in fashion lovers.

House of Samba (HOS) produces a limited number of models and prints in order to maintain the exclusivity of the design produced. To complete each outfit from each design that is produced, House of Samba (HOS) also provides a collection of bags, eyeglass accesories and watches. Although the overall collection is mostly for woman, House of Samba (HOS) also provides men's clothing.

About House of Samba (HOS):

PT Global Lintas Solusi is a company that houses the House of Samba brand headquartered on Jalan Gunung Catur I No 168 Denpasar. Every design and concept produced by the house of Samba is inseparable from the work Sri Atiningsih who is also the owner of PT Global Lintas Solusi and of course a very extraordinary team helped.

The word of fashion has become a bustle of women 38 year from 10 years ago, starting from the most basic things, namely sewing to management skills until finally in 2015 with extraordinary support ventured to open House of Samba (HOS) and thank God can survive until now even though in the first and second years it was very full of struggle but continued to learn and introspection and Astungkare today can continue to grow and open store at Sidewalk Jimbaran.

The House of Samba's hopes for the future are like the meaning contained in the meaning of Samba in Sanskrit which is full of goodness, so every design work produced by House of Samba (HOS) is even better and can compete with outside brand brands that exist and next year can open more stores so that they can provide more jobs for the Balinese people in particular.

Contact us:

House of Samba Nusa Dua
Bali Collection Unit A#12-3
House of Samba Latai 1
Side walk Jimbaran unit 1F-17B
WA/HP : 085738456959
Website : www.houseofsambashop.com
Instagram : house_of_samba
Facebook fanpage : House of Samba

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