I Nyoman Hendrawan And Hobbies of Planting Ornamental Plants Become Billionaires

Bali | www.dedynews.com | Nir Peretz, one of the British citizens who intends to make someone have wealth in the form of money in the amount of Rp. 1,000,000,000.00 (one billion rupiah), has been realized by holding an International Flower Championship (IFC) competition or making flower gardens in the yard or around the house.

Nir Peretz's brilliant idea was captured by I Nyoman Hendrawan and ideals I Nyoman who were residents from Banjar Jaang, Buahan Village, Payangan Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency won first place in the first IFC competition while collecting Rp 1 billion in funds.

I Nyoman Hendrawan, who originally worked as a "newspaper deliveryman" for 25 years has now changed his social status among relatives and society.

It used to be just a dream of Nir Peretz, a British citizen raising a person's economic level with a work for the community but now becoming a reality.

Nir Peretz is a businessman and also the owner (owner) of Hanging Gardens of Bali for a long time and has only been realized in 2019. The money for this competition is taken from Nir Peretz's personal pocket.

Continuing to carry out IFC activities, Nir Peretz collaborated with the private sector, and the media crew as media partners who broadcast this program to the full.

"From this first competition we received appreciation from all walks of life including local government, especially Gianyar Regency, which happened to be the head of the regent Agus Mahayastra who strongly responded to this event.

Of course, for this good program, in the future, we hope that not only the private sector will act as a sponsor but the government.

Because we want to preserve nature and the environment, the government plays an important role, "said Nir Peretz at a news conference on Monday (7/22) at a local hotel.

The IFC competition was held aimed at raising someone to be a millionaire to care about the environment, the most obvious of which is beautifying the environment of each residence with various ornamental plants.

The impression of this beautiful nuance was seen when several media crews had visited the house of I Nyoman Hendrawan, the first winner of this IFC 2019 race.

In his house, which is about 20 acres, it is really beautiful.

Various types of flower plants thrive here and there starting from the front of the house to the back yard in a family-owned pigsty so that it looks like a mini forest.

Being at the house of I Nyoman Hendrawan made us feel at home for a long time staring at the appearance of katleya rosebuds and the like.

The competition was only attended by participants from Bali, "but in the future there will be three categories of competitions that will involve participants from all over Indonesia to be held in Jakarta followed by all provinces in the country.

Next year will include elementary school students to look for new seeds which are the future of this competition. They may register via our e-mail, "said Nir Peretz.

I Nyoman Hendrawan and Hobby Planting Ornamental Plants

I Nyoman Hendrawan, who was born on July 20, 1973, is a hard-working person who has a hobby of making and transplanting various ornamental plants to be planted so that his house appears as a window display. He exclaimed, besides ornamental plants, Nyoman Hendrawan also kept forest honey in his house which also helped strengthen the jury's assessment of his creativity.

This hobby makes him challenged to take part in the International Flower Championship (IFC) and win. Of the 185 contestants, the jury consisting of Nir Peretz, Zsa Zsa Yusharyahya (TV station presenter), I Nyoman Nuarta, and Astawa Puja (Bali Comedian) assigned 10 people as winners.

Where, one of them is I Nyoman Hendrawan as the prize winner of Rp 1 billion, while the other 9 participants get each of the savings from Bank Mandiri worth Rp 5 million.

The highlight of the 2019 IFC competition competition was held at Hanging Gardens of Bali on Saturday 29 June 2019.

Regarding the differences in prizes received by the first and other winners, this is indeed a rule in this competition.

"Of course in the future we will give higher prizes to 9 other winners if there are sponsors who support funds in this competition.

"Besides, we really want this grand prize of Rp. 1 billion for the intention to appoint someone to be elevated economically and socially," Nir Peretz added. (Red)

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