Muslim Fashion Special School in Indonesia, Islamic Fashion Institute  

Artis Indonesia Inneke Koes Herawati

Jakarta | | Islamic Fashion Institute is not just a Muslim clothing fashion school in Indonesia. In addition to teaching design skills, this school trains styling and marketing based on Islamic religious norms.

The school, which has been established for three years and is in Bandung, teaches students to make Muslim clothes that are stylish and varied according to Islamic religious norms, along with the demand for modest clothing that is increasingly high.

"Our students make unique designs and become leaders in the modern fashion sector. We also teach them how to dress as recommended by the Islamic religion," said Deden Siswanto, founder of the Islamic Fashion Institute, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (06/12/2018) )

Students will be taught to design and sew up to the marketing of the Muslim fashion business for nine months. This fashion school accepts both male and female students who want to study fashion.

He continued teaching at this school were people who moved in the practice of the Muslim fashion business and all the instructors were Muslims.

Referring to the data of the Global Islamic Economy (GIE) Report 2017/2018, the expenditure of the Muslim world community on Muslim clothing reached US $ 254 billion in 2016, equivalent to Rp3,537.7 trillion. Its value is projected to increase to US $ 373 billion in 2022, around Rp5,195.13 trillion.

Although Indonesia's Muslim fashion industry continues to grow, the report notes that Indonesia is not yet on the top 10 of the global Muslim fashion industry. The countries included in the list are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Italy, Singapore, France, China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Morocco.

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