Sanur Beach raises the depth of tourism on the island of Bali

Sanur Beach | | Natural beauty is supported by cultural arts that make Bali as an Indonesian tourism diamond. Undoubtedly Bali is Indonesia's crown of foreign exchange in addition to natural resources and industries that are now being promoted in balanced infrastructure development throughout Indonesia.

The community that receives visits from tourists and shares the taste of Bali's world peace deserves the nickname of the island of foreign exchange can even be copied by other regions.

With a soft touch of music Retro Beach Restaurant provides comfort where visitors have pleasure under the hot afternoon sun on the mainland of Sanur beach.

The dishes that are served so friendly for the taste of Indonesian cuisine bring them peace.

Day-to-day tourists from abroad packed Resto Beach Restaurant a variety of activities to hang out and feel the culinary offerings that are so enjoyable to visitors.

According to the retro cafe manager, Nyoman Suese Cafe is never empty of foreign visitors.
If my turnover is quite large, but it is accounting, I know that I am only a public official, firmly referring to the media crew. (Dj)

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