Siti Maesaroh Depok PKK Cadre Chosen to Become the Best PKK Cadre at West Java Province Level  

City of Depok | | The Mayor of Depok acted as the Apple Truster which took place at Depok City Hall Square on Monday morning (01/07/19). The apple was assembled with the commemoration of the 26th National Family Day (Harganas) in 2019. On this occasion Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris accompanied by the Head of Depok City PKK TP, Bunda Elly Farida, presented an award to Siti Maesaroh.

Siti Maesaroh is a PKK Cadre of Mekarsari Village, Cimanggis Subdistrict who was elected as the Best PKK Cadre at West Java Province in 2019, in the PKK Cadre competition in commemoration of the Harganas West Java Province, which took place on Wednesday 26 June.

"After going through various stages of selection, Ms. Siti Maesaroh was elected as the Best Cadre at the West Java Province. On behalf of the person and City of Depok, I congratulate you on the achievement, "he said.

He also hopes that the anniversary of Harganas can be a momentum to maintain family resilience, especially in Depok City. Thus it can create the next generation that cares for the family and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

"Hopefully we all have excellent family resilience, so that we can realize the next generation of the nation that can fight for NKRI so that it becomes a planned and planned family," said the Mayor. (Rki)

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