Wowed the Audience at the New York Fashion Week Fashion Show in New York

 | | Muslim Dress Designer Ning Zulkarnain is a designer who has started his career since 1986. Now this female product from Bandung is not only exhibited in Indonesia, but has expanded to Chicago, the United States to Canada's Otawa. Now Ning also had the opportunity to first exhibit a fashion show in New York City.

A total of 12 fashion models from New York performed the Ning Zulkarnain Clothing Design soft pink color. "The models claimed to be happy, because this is the first time. They wear headgear that we usually call wearing a Hijab," Ning said in a statement on Thursday (9/26/2018).

Design classic with a touch of matching details makes Ning Zulkarnain's collection amaze the guests who are present at New York Fashion Week.

Ning Zulkarnain is the only Muslim fashion designer to share the stage with fashion designers from other countries such as Georgia, Russia, Pakistan, India and America as an interesting experience during her career.

The invited guests at the event were international Fashion influencers and buyers. Ning Hopes to be able to continue to consistently follow the fashion show in New York City.

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